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Taking Center Stage – Act II

Janet Zadina on Adolescent Brain Development and Classroom Strategies

Focusing on Adolescent Characteristics (Part I): The Survival Instinct and Brain Development, Adolescent Characteristics (Part II): The Social Nature of the Brain and the Role of Emotion, and Multiple Methods for Learning and Assessment, three new professional learning activities feature Dr. Janet Zadina.

Designed specifically for California’s middle grade educators, the TCSII Get Into the Act! Professional Learning Series features respected experts sharing research-based strategies on a variety of topics geared to enhancing excellence in middle grades.

To access all of Dr. Zadina’s presentations, go to the Dr. Janet Zadina's Professional Learning Index on TCSII.

Other series presenters include Dr. Douglas Reeves, national expert and speaker on education topics and founder of the Leadership and Learning Center, and Dr. Kate Kinsella, San Francisco State University faculty member and a former Fulbright lecturer in teaching English as a second language.

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