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Taking Center Stage – Act II

Evidence Checklist

Recommendation 9—Leadership

This walk-through checklist is provided to help school teams informally gauge their progress in implementing the Recommendation on leadership.

Evidence of recommendation implementation


Reports and financial statements show the support given to the school by district, county, and state agencies.


The district/school budget reflects the instructional vision of the district/school.


Teachers and students can discuss how the principal sets the school vision for high achievement by all students and provides leadership to help each teacher team implement the vision in all activities.


Records from team meetings show that teacher leaders keep team norms, set agendas, and report to the principal on team progress toward closing the achievement gap.


There is an articulated schoolwide plan to provide additional time and help for all students to learn when they cannot meet expectations or keep up with the rigorous curriculum.


Students can explain the leadership they provide in a wide variety of school activities.


The shared vision of the school is posted throughout the school and the resulting successes are evident.


Parents can explain the leadership they provide to help school staff achieve short- and long-term goals for student success.


 Minutes from the teacher leadership team shows that leadership is shared in that their decisions drive the school toward continual improvement and goals as stated in the vision.


Teachers can discuss how they review school, district and state test data at regular intervals to ensure student progress and identify where improvement needs to be made.


There are common benchmarks that teachers use for formative and summative assessment and the results drive changes in the vision and practices of the school.

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