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Taking Center Stage – Act II

Professional collaboration among board members

Effective local governing boards take time for regular learning and reflection about effective school and district practices. Meetings and policies articulate the district vision that all students can achieve. As well as making time for regular meetings with school staff members and attendance at California School Boards Association (CSBA) professional workshops and trainings, local governing board members can take time to reflect on their practices. The linked document, Professional Considerations about the Middle Grades: School Board Members, provides a starting point for discussion.

Education Code (EC) sections 35160 through 35178.4 list the general power and duties of the school board. EC Section 35160 states that the board has the power to carry out any activity or program that is not in conflict with law and that section is generally cited as the board’s governing role. Throughout the EC there are sections dealing with specific topics such as the board’s selection of curriculum or evaluation of employees. The CSBA provides training for members on many of those topics.

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