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Taking Center Stage – Act II

Keep a focus on accountability

Superintendents are responsible to their local governing board and community to help schools focus on results that close the achievement gap and help each student prepare for a successful future.

When district accountability results do not meet achievement targets, the District Assistance Survey (DOC; 388KB; pp.34) helps a district assess whether or not its operations support a coherent, school-level instructional program that improves student achievement. Because student achievement in reading/language arts and mathematics is central to student success in other areas, the survey analyzes district support for schools in these primary areas of student literacy. The survey reveals how a district’s support in seven areas directly affect student achievement:

  • Standards-based Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Professional Development
  • Human Resources
  • Data Systems/Data Analysis/Ongoing Monitoring
  • Parent and Community Involvement
  • Fiscal Operations
  • Governance and Leadership

District Assistance and Intervention Teams (DAITs) may be assigned to a school district in year three of sanctions under Program Improvement (PI) when the State Board invokes at least one corrective action. The DAIT is intended to assist a local school district in PI by investigating and recommending corrective actions for improving teaching and learning through district-level findings, support, and assistance.

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