California Department of Education
Taking Center Stage – Act II

California Middle Grades Partnership Network (CMGPN)

The California Middle Grades Partnership Network (CMGPN) is a collaborative, principal-to-principal and school-to-school network sponsored by the California Department of Education. In 2006 there were 25 networks (320 schools) actively participating in CMGPN. Each local network meets several times during the year so principals and site administrators can support, visit, mentor, and assist one another with issues and challenges specific to middle grades education and improve student achievement.

The goal of the CMGPN is to help middle schools share expertise, resources, and program ideas so they:

  • Implement the California Department of Education's (CDE) 12 Recommendations for Middle Grades Success contained in Taking Center Stage—Act II
  • Improve student achievement through standards-based education
  • Promote research and knowledge about young adolescent learning
  • Initiate collegial dialogue across school and district boundaries
  • Share the successes and challenges of managing, operating, and teaching in a middle school
  • Pool and share resources to leverage others who affect middle grades education
  • Serve as a resource to the school, the community, and other education stakeholders, and
  • Prepare students for the rigors of high school and beyond.

California Middle Grades Alliance

California League of Middle Schools (CLMS)