California Department of Education
Taking Center Stage – Act II

California League of Middle Schools (CLMS)

The California League of Middle Schools (Outside Source) is a founding partner in the California Middle Grades Alliance and hosts the Schools to Watch™-Taking Center Stage program (Outside Source) on its Web site. An inclusive nonprofit association for middle grades educators, the CLMS organizational structure draws strength from regional grassroots participation. There are 11 geographic regions in California, and CLMS has a volunteer panel in each region that is led by one CLMS trustee. Regional panel members serve on statewide committees to lend direction to the organization, select the regional CLMS Educator of the Year, and enjoy all the networking, support and growth opportunities of a professional association chapter. Regional panel members also help run CLMS’ professional development events, which are held each year across the state. As a nonprofit organization, CLMS is volunteer-driven and values the expertise and energy of the teachers, administrators, professors, and others who contribute at the regional panel level.

California Middle Grades Partnership Network (CMGPN)

Association of California School Administrators—Middle Grades Council