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Taking Center Stage – Act II

Ensure availability of instructional resources

One of the most important jobs of a learning leader is to support and equip teaching team members to do whatever it takes to improve student learning and close the achievement gap. However, even small wins are difficult when teachers lack basic resources and time to focus on differentiated instruction, building relationships, and providing timely interventions.

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Granite Oaks Middle School, Rocklin Unified School District is a California Middle Grades Partnership Network School
The faculty works as a team to manage resources that meet the school’s goals. For example, the school requested district funding to support release time for department leads. The administrator has developed a good relationship with the district so that the school receives flexibility in using its funds. The administrator works with the leadership team and staff to set priorities for a budget. All funding sources are on the table for discussion. The principal sets the vision for how to save and distribute the money and leads the staff in frequent discussions about what is working and what is not.

With district support, the site administrator’s job is to ensure that each professional in the organization has the tools needed to accomplish his or her responsibility:

  • Middle grades counselors need access to resources for social and emotional health services.
  • Middle school library/media centers require professional staffing and up-to-date, culturally relevant resources.
  • Custodial staff members need resources to maintain facility appearance and safety.
  • School classified staff members require technologies to assist in tracking attendance, informing parents about school events, and maintaining student records.

In the Spotlight

Richard Henry Dana Middle School, Wiseburn Elementary School District is a 2006 Schools to Watch™-Taking Center Stage 2006 Model School
The school uses an Internet-to-phone based technology that sends out mass personalized telephone messages in several languages.


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McKinleyville Middle School, McKinleyville Union Elementary School District, is a 2006 Schools to Watch™-Taking Center Stage 2006 Model School
is a CalSTAT Leadership model for special education in the middle grades.

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