California Department of Education
Taking Center Stage – Act II

Recommendation Eight

Safety, Resilience, and Health

It is the policy of the State Board of Education (State Board) that all students enrolled in public schools in California have the right to safe schools. The State Board believes that students cannot benefit fully from an educational program unless they attend school regularly in an environment that is free from physical and psychological harm. The State Board also believes that the leadership in providing safe schools, establishing behavior standards, and improving student attendance must come primarily from local educational agency (LEA) boards, superintendents and their staff, and site-level administrators. The leadership must be continuous in order to support comprehensive efforts at each school site to assist students in becoming self-directed and responsible for their own behavior.1

Recommendation 8 — Safety, Resilience, and Health. Create and sustain a fair, safe, and healthy school environment through a policy of positive discipline; civic and character education; safe and engaging facilities; access to adult mentors and counseling; and school and community health and social services.

Safety, Resilience, and Health is one of the Recommendations in the Focus Area on Social Equity.


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1 School Safety, Discipline, & Attendance State Board of Education Policy #01-02 (March 2001).

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