California Department of Education
Taking Center Stage – Act II

Recommendation Seven


"In any one of California’s thousands of classrooms, we could have future workers with the ability to understand a dozen different cultures and the wherewithal to connect and communicate with people all over the globe on terms they can understand. But, we have not yet tapped the tremendous potential we have. Quite simply, the demanding global economy and a stubborn achievement gap not only threaten the future of our students, but also the future economic health and security of our state and nation."1

Recommendation 7 — Access. Provide all middle grades students with equal access to a well-prepared, qualified, caring staff and a rich learning environment that includes grade-level standards-based instruction; academic interventions; learning resources; leadership and recognition opportunities; exploratory programs; sports, clubs, and enrichment activities; and, to the extent possible, placement in heterogeneous classes.

Access is one of the Recommendations in the Focus Area on Social Equity.


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1 Jack O’Connell, “Outlines Plan to Improve Schools in Third Annual State of the Education Address,” Sacramento: California Department of Education, Press Release 06-15, February 7, 2006.

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