California Department of Education
Taking Center Stage – Act II

Recommendation One


“Institutionally, we do not yet realize that 12 years of generous, daily amounts of
in-school reading, writing, and discussion, built around good questions (shared and refined by teams and networks of teachers), would create unimagined intellectual, academic, and professional possibilities for our children.”1

Recommendation 1—Rigor. Hold high expectations and provide numerous avenues of support so that each middle grades learner succeeds. Use California’s content standards, frameworks, adopted and aligned instructional materials, and common formative assessments as the coherent foundation for rigorous curriculum and instruction.

Rigor is one of the Recommendations in the Focus Area on Academic Excellence.


Recommendations for Success Index

1Mike Schmoker, Results Now: How We Can Achieve Unprecedented Improvements in Teaching and Learning. Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2006, 56.

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