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Behavior Warning Letter to
Parent Regarding Their Student

Place on school letterhead.


From: Team (team name) Teachers

To: The parent or guardian of (Name of student)

Dear (parent or guardian),

Over the past few weeks we as a team have observed some behaviors in class which are of concern to us.  Listed below you will see some behaviors exhibited by your son/daughter that occur regularly in our classes. We feel it is important that you are aware of these. 

Up to this point, we have handled these behaviors by giving verbal warnings, having one on one discussions and assigning either brunch or lunch detention. The behaviors may or may not have an effect on the student's grade in our classes. 

Our primary concern is that disruptive behaviors interfere with other students being able to learn to the best of their ability.  If the behaviors continue, we may request a conference to discuss other options to facilitate better behavior.

We have observed these behaviors on a daily or weekly basis:

____ Excessive talking to peers
____ Tardies
____ Calling out inappropriately (answers or comments)
____ Out of seat with permission
____ Throwing objects
____ Disrespectful when corrected

____ (Other) __________________________________

Thank you for your cooperation.


(signed by all members of the teaching team)

Parent Signature: _____________________________________________________