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Taking Center Stage – Act II

Professional Learning Activities

Kinsella 4—Enhancing Students’
Academic Discussion Skills
(Parts 1 and 2)

In this Professional Learning Activity, Dr. Kinsella explores steps in effectively setting up discussion tasks for students.

This professional learning activity is made up of four components and is designed to be completed sequentially as follows:

  1. Take Stock: pre-video reflection exercise
  2. Take Time: watch the video
  3. Take Action: initial activities designed to help educators implement the practices suggested
  4. Take it Away: answer questions designed to help educators identify support and resources needed to implement the suggested practices

Dr. Kate Kinsella's
Professional Learning Activities

Consider Your Practices
View the Video
Apply the Concepts
Make it Happen at Your School

Kinsella 4–Enhancing Students’ Academic Discussion Skills
(Parts 1 and 2)

Kinsella 4:
Take Stock

Kinsella 4:
Take Time
Kinsella 4:
Take Action
Kinsella 4:
Take it Away

This professional learning activity is one of several in the TCSII Get into the Act! Professional Learning Series.

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