California Department of Education
Taking Center Stage – Act II

Video Summary

Recommendation 4—Relevance

“Portfolio Day”

The Portfolio Day experience:

  • Prepares students to give presentations which will continue to be a critical skill needed throughout high school and beyond.
  • Gives middle grades students a real-world experience of job interviewing.
  • Introduces students to community members who are also potential future employers.

Building portfolios:

  • Helps students organize their work and assess their own growth over time.
  • Affords students the opportunity to track their own progress and demonstrate their achievement according to California academic content standards.
  • Engages students in their own learning and development by giving them the opportunity to talk about their best school work, their career aspirations and their interests, talents, and hobbies.

Portfolios include assignments that incorporate career exploration and planning.

Portfolio Day creates a natural partnership with community members.

Community members:

  • Serve as evaluators on Portfolio Day
  • Observe what students are learning
  • Validate the work that students have accomplished
  • Discover student potential as future employees.