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Taking Center Stage – Act II

Video Summary

Recommendation 11—Accountability

"It's About Accountability"

A results-oriented accountability system is one in which:

  • All the stakeholders (including the students) are involved.
  • Data are used to shape educational improvement.
  • Roles and expected outcomes are clarified.

Grade-level, standards-based rubrics help students clarify what is required of them and determine how their work is being evaluated.

When creating a rubric, make the elements specific or project-based and allow students to have multiple avenues of success.

Results do no happen to students; results happen with students.

For more information contact:

  • Dehesa School District
    El Cajon, California
    Phone: 619-444-2161

  • Sutter Middle School
    Sacramento, California
    Phone: 916-264-4150

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